Here are a few ideas and videos you can use in your church for Father’s Day weekend. Stay posted as I will update this as more videos are released.

*New* Foster Kid Father’s Day

Re:Think Worship


A new liturgy has a liturgy about God’s love that uses a lot of language about God’s children.  There are some great songs and readings that would work well for father’s day.


Skit-Guys did great with this one – it’s quite sentimental as you can expect for a Father’s day clip – but I felt a few of the jokes really hit the spot and captured father hood well.

Journey Box

This is a commercial – but it does a great job of capturing fatherhood moments – nicely done Oral-B!

This is an older country song about father hood – if you can pull off having a country song at your church then it could work well for Father’s day.



I think a lot of songs about God’s love and faithfulness would work well for Father’s day – I would hesitate to just make a setlist of  songs that simply use the word father in them somewhere – but here are a few good ones would fit a theme of God as father.

  • How Deep the Father’s Love for us
  • Father’s Song – by Matt Redman

The ‘How he Love Us’ Story – followed by the song would work really well for Father’s Day