Here’s a creative way to use 1 Corinthians 13 as a responsive reading.  This is a familiar passage and sometimes it helps for us to view it from a different angle.  This reading is a guided confession of the ways that we sometimes fall short in loving others the way 1 Corinthians 13 invites us to love.

God of Love
We confess we are sometimes impatient, and often unkind,
We are quick to envy, and find subtle ways to boast
There are times we are rude, and lift ourselves up as we put others down.

Loving God teach us to love

God of Love
We confess that we are quickly angered
We are quick to record how often we’ve been wronged
There are times we celebrate the misfortune of others
Loving God teach us to love
God of Love
We confess that we put ourselves firstWe’re reluctant to give, we are slow to sacrifice,
There are times we hesitate to protect
Loving God teach us to love

 When we are tempted to judge, to assume the worst…

May love remind us to trust
When we are tempted to despair, to assume all is lost…
May love remind us to hope
When we are tempted to give up, to assume it will never happen…
May love remind us to persevere

All:  Loving God teach us to love,