Creative Easter Service Ideas

Here are 3 easy ways to add creative ideas to your Easter service.  You can use these themes to come up with your own creative spin but these ideas for Easter can be a great starting point to get you thinking.

Retell the whole story

Some Easter services start right into the ressurection.  This is especially common if your church has had a Good Friday service or Tenebrae service, but it may be helpful for those who weren’t able to attend those services to spend a bit of time remembering the darkness of Jesus’ death before celebrating the light of his resurrection.

  • Read the scripture before the he was laid in the tomb
  • Use a story telling song to recap what happened.  For example, this Easter story video “I Remember”
  • Sing a few songs about crucifixion first then use the sermon as the transition to resurrection theme.  (See more here)

Build A Tomb

Tombs are not a common item for us, so spending some time to build one in your sanctuary or on your stage somewhere can really help to make people feel in the moment.  Then you can use it in a variety of ways.

  • Challenge people to think about what is there tomb?  How do they need ressurection today?  See “What’s Your Tomb” service idea here.
  • Have people write out their fears on a slip of paper and place it in the tomb as a symbol of Jesus’ resurrection being victorious over our fears.

Before and After

Highlight the theme of God restoring shalom and ‘putting creation back together’ by presenting the congregation some kind of before and after illustration.  This could be done in a wide variety of ways big and small.

  • Before and after renovation pictures from members of the congregation in a slideshow
  • Make a huge mess on stage or in the foyer or outside your church and have it cleaned up and pristine by the end of the service.
  • Find slowmotion videos of things being ‘broken’ and then edit the videos to play them backwards showing them being put back together.
  • Find a story (maybe on YouTube) of someone who had life changing surgery… ie Restoring sight to a blind eye, ears that can finally here, pain removed etc.

You can see that even with a bit of extra planning, you can use these creative Easter ideas to add an extra level of depth and meaning to your Easter services.

Additional Easter Videos


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