I recently came across this website called A New Liturgy.  The above video is an example of their Liturgy #4 on Creation.  The visuals are done by Stephen Proctor.  This is a great resource for creative worship ideas and ways to incorporate readings, songs, scriptures and quotes into a Sunday Service.

Here’s a little about them from their website.

A New Liturgy is our attempt to create holy space wherever we find ourselves. A moveable, sonic sanctuary. Released quarterly, each Liturgy is a 25 minute journey of music, prayer, scripture, and space that helps open us to The Almighty in any location, season, community, or emotion. I really need this.

Created by Aaron Niequist and a few friends in his little basement studio, this project has grown into an exciting collaboration with a handful of gifted musicians and artists. And we are passionate about exploring deeper and more diverse ways to honestly engage with God and each other.

I think we can all agree that most churches and worship leaders have a strong handle on incorporating music into a Sunday morning worship service, but I feel there is room for growth (at least for me) in using prayers/scripture effectively in worship.  I for one am looking forward to exploring this site and some of the worship ideas or readings available there.

The website features four liturgies that you can download and use in your service.