Read Mark Pierson’s “The Art of Curating Worship” and briefly answer the following questions.

  1. I read the whole book.  (yes or no)
  2. Pick one quote from the book that really stood out to you or impacted you.
  3. In what ways is curating worship a shift or change from what a typical church might call ‘leading worship’?
  4. How might the idea of curating worship affect how you would plan a service?  (ie. song choices, visual choices, lighting, etc.)
  5. If you had a willing congregation and a blank slate – what is one creative idea you have for how you could creatively help people encounter God?


The following questions will be discussed in class.

  • What connection do you see between time spent preparing and potential impact on the people who attend.
  • Is there a danger in curating worship that participants will become ‘consumers’?  Why or why not?
  • In what ways could we as a church do better and emphasizing community and participation?