Chris Tomlin’s song ‘Emmanuel’ is a powerful song that captures the heart of the Christmas story and it is a great addition to any Christmas service, especially Christmas Eve.  One creative idea we used last year for our Christmas Eve service was to play the birth scene from ‘The Nativity Story’.  The footage from this film is really well done and quite realistic.  We timed the lyrics of Chris Tomlin’s song “…broken by a baby’s cry” with the part in the film where Joseph lifts up the crying baby Jesus.  The song goes longer than the clip so at the end we put up a still image of the stable with lyrics over top.  However you do it the lyrics of Chris Tomlin’s song mixed with the footage from the Nativity Story are a great mix!

Download image from the Nativity Story from their website here:

Ps… I don’t want to violate copyrights by posting ‘un-official’ youtube clips here, but if you search YouTube you’ll find others who have had the same idea.  Don’t forget to support the artist by purchasing the song and play the video from a DVD.