New Christmas Song

Here’s a song I wrote and arranged for a male quartet. You can tell it’s my attempt at a more hymn style/story telling type of song.  I actually started writing this song with the third verse from John 3:16 and then realized it would be good to do a Christmas song that connects the manger and salvation.

You can tell from the video it’s not a perfect recording and the sound isn’t great, but you get the idea of the song.  If your looking for a new Christmas song to add to your Christmas Service or advent, this might be a good option.  Update:  See Acoustic Version below


I did a quick acoustic recording of this song in case your wondering what it sounds like without a quartet.  I have used it during the Christmas season with our congregation and it has worked quite well.  (ps… hope you like the really nice view of my capo during this song… probably should have adjusted the camera a bit… oh well.)


One Calm night in Bethlehem
Csus C G
A sound awakes the night
Am G F G C
Angels fill the darkened sky
Csus C G
Announcing heaven’s light
Am G D/F#
Unto you a savior’s born F C G
The angel voices ring
Am G D/F#
Peace for all who dwell on earth F C G
Behold the newborn King F C/E Dm G
Behold the newborn king

Shepherds sing on bended knee
With joyful songs adore
Wisemen bring, the infant king
Incense, Gold, and Myrrh
Glory fills the silent air
As humble hearts confess
This is Christ Emmanuel
God has come to us
God has come to us

Salvation is Here — Rejoice – Hallelujah

God so loved this sinful world
He came to save the lost
He sent his one and only son
To die upon a cross
From the Grave
He rose to life
In Victory over sin
That all who would believe in him
Could have eternal life
Could have eternal life