Prayer for Shalom – Gungor

I was recently at a concert in Langley, BC where Gungor performed with the Brilliance.  Both did a great job, there’s nothing quite like seeing ridiculously talented musicians, wow!!!

At one point Michael led us in a prayer for Shalom.  You can see the explanation in the video below and hear us start to sing.  We sang this simple phrase for what was probably about 2 minutes (which is a long time to sing a word over and over) but I found that the longer we sang the easier it was to focus and pray.  You can hear the congregation singing harmonies (and the guy beside me singing some ‘interesting’ low notes) and it was powerful to hear the whole congregation pray together in this way.  After we had sung this phrase for about a minute, he started to speak some themes in between ‘Shaloms’.  So he would speak out phrases like ‘Pray for your family’ ‘Pray for your city’ pray for the earth’ and all the while we were singing/chanting the word Shalom.

I was really moved by this creative idea for prayer.  I’m not sure if every congregation would get it and I don’t know if it would fly in a small group of 100 or 200.  (we had 600 at the concert).  Either way it’s definitely something to consider if your looking for a creative new way to add corporate prayer to your Sunday service.



Here’s a longer version from another concert