So here’s a one page summary of some videos and ideas you can use.  Most videos are released one or two weeks before Easter so I will add more to this list as we get closer.

As usual, you can view a whole bunch of videos at Worship House Media.

Click titles to view videos or more info.

Good Friday

Were You There When They Crucified my Lord: A somber and reflective version for Good Friday.

PS. 22 – Why have you Forsaken Me – A great reflection on Ps. 22 and the cross

The Last Painting – A Visual and Musical depiction of the cross.  Music from the Passion of the Christ


Voices of the Cross: An entirely new perspective of the Easter story designed to start your Easter service. Told through the voices of those around Jesus, this Easter service starter takes you through the journey to the cross and ends with the opening of the tomb on Easter morning.

Healer: This stirring mix of ‘Slam-Poetry’ and music gives really moving and energetic take on the resurrection.

Grace:  A skit between Jesus and Peter highlighting grace.

Come Awake:  This song captures the truth of Resurrection ‘Awakening’ us.

Relationship with God: This text based video walks through the way the Cross put us back into right relationship with God.  Great Soundtrack too!

Follow:  The Easter story as told by Twitter.  Great if you have people who use social media a lot.