Recently we had a young adults worship night. Our theme was the connection between faith and sight. We tried to come up with a few creative ways to help people engage the topic. Here’s how the evening went…

Opening worship set.

-Everlasting God
-Glory to God
-The Earth is Yours
-I Exalt Thee (Jesus Culture Version)

Intro to the Evening:

How much money would you have to receive to give up your eye sight for the rest of your life?  Eye sight is crucial to our day to day life.  It’s how we understand what is real/reality.  For example we say “I’ll believe it when I see it”.  This can be an issue in our spiritual life since our God cannot be seen.  So how do we reconcile what we can see with our faith in the unseen.  Is there a connection?


Deidox – Alyssa :  A girl who is blind talks about faith in the unseen.



1)  What connection is there between what you see and what you believe?

a)  If you were able to see God, how would that change your faith?

2)  Why do you think God doesn’t just blatantly reveal himself to us or the world?

“I think if I wasn’t blind my faith wouldn’t be as strong”

4)  In what ways is having eye-sight a ‘curse’ in our faith journey, in what ways is it a blessing and gift?

5)  What does it mean to be spiritually blind?

For the rest of the night we invited everyone to put on a blindfold.  They remained in discussion groups while we did Lectio Divina from 2 Kings 6:8-17.

With blindfolds still on, each group discussed how they see God in their day to day life and what might hinder them from seeing God.  It’s a different experience talking in a group of blind-folded people.


After the discussion we continued singing a few songs and invited people to prayerfully remove their blindfolds and come hang them on the cross that was at the front.  We started off this time of response reading the story of how Jesus healed the blind man.  At one point Jesus asks, what do you want?  And the blind man says, ‘I want to see’…  we of course sang the song ‘Open the Eyes of my Heart’  A couple other songs we did were Oh Lord You’re Beautiful, Turn your eyes Upon Jesus etc.

The Last part was a video called ‘Everywhere’ and the song ‘Everything’ by Tim Hughes.  Both helped close off the night and drive home the message of seeing God not just with the ‘Eyes of our hearts’ but in all the aspects of our day to day life.