Here are a few ideas and videos you can use in your church for Father’s Day weekend. Stay posted as I will update this as more videos are released.  See more ideas and themes from 2016 Fathers Day Ideas.

*New* Foster Kid Father’s Day

Re:Think Worship

If for some reason your church cannot afford to pay this cost and you would still like to use this video, please send me an email at loewen.dan (at)


A new liturgy has a liturgy about God’s love that uses a lot of language about God’s children.  There are some great songs and readings that would work well for father’s day.


A Father’s Day Thankyou

Hyper Pixels Media Purchase Here


When You’re Dad

Floodgate Productions Purchase Here

Like Dad

Skit Guys Studios Purchase Here

Sorry Dad

Journey Box Media Purchase Here

You Got This – Journey Box Media

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Daaaaad – Igniter Media

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 Father’s Day Welcome – Centerline New Media

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I Need You – Floodgate Productions

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Movie Scenes

One movie scene that sticks out is from the movie Blood Diamond.  It involves a young boy who has been kidnapped and trained in the children’s army and the touching scene between him and his father after they are reunited.  It’s an incredibly moving clip and would work well especially for a sermon on the prodigal son.  I sI’ll start with a movie clip that works great for a sermon illustration of the Prodigal Son or about the heart of a father. This scene is . Watch it Here

Here are some of my favourites from previous years.

Fatherhood – Skit Guys Studios

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Skit-Guys did great with this one – it’s quite sentimental as you can expect for a Father’s day clip – but I felt a few of the jokes really hit the spot and captured father hood well.

Journey Box

This is a commercial – but it does a great job of capturing fatherhood moments – nicely done Oral-B!

This is an older country song about father hood – if you can pull off having a country song at your church then it could work well for Father’s day.



I think a lot of songs about God’s love and faithfulness would work well for Father’s day – I would hesitate to just make a setlist of  songs that simply use the word father in them somewhere – but here are a few good ones would fit a theme of God as father.

Good Good Father is pretty much perfect.

  • How Deep the Father’s Love for us
  • Father’s Song – by Matt Redman

The ‘How he Love Us’ Story – followed by the song would work really well for Father’s Day