Nov. 25

Group 1

Jacob Anton

Taryn Ferrede

Julia McDougall



Group 2

William Bosch

Laura Funk

Andrew Mueller



Group 3

James Burke

Andrew Geddert

Joel Nikkel

Austin Wollf


Group 4

Darrah Chmelyk

Jacob Harada

Janaya Salmond




 December 2

Group 5

Ryan Domingo

Nathaniel Krikke

Franklin Sawatksy


Group 6

Joseph Doyle

Rebecca Laurenti

Natash Stobbe


Group 7

Scott Epp

Do Hoon Lee

Shelby Swanson

Advent Visual Liturgy

Create a 20 minute visual liturgy for Advent using one of the following themes:  Love, Joy, Peace, Hope, and/or waiting expectation.

You will have 5 minutes to setup computers etc. and 20 minutes to present your visual liturgy to the class.  Following your presentation there will be a 5 minute slot for feedback and discussion.  The presentation will take place in the chapel and you will be provided with one additional projector (2 total) and an 1/8″ headphone jack for mp3 or computer audio.  Instrumental elements or vocals will have to be done acoustically.  You must provide your own computer and presentation software (using a Demo Version).

ProPresenter Demo

Full functioning demo with watermark – no expiry.  (Use this to create your media during semester)

Full demo no watermark – 2 week expiry (Sign up for this before your class presentation)

MediaShout Demo

30 day trial.  Make sure to plan ahead and get any media, songs, etc. ready.  Download Demo 30 days before your class presentation.

If you don’t have access to a computer or the software please send me an email no less than 2 weeks before your class presentation so we can make arrangements.

Requirements & Marking:

50% – Content:  You may use any variety of content (corporate worship songs, art, poems, readings, props, soundtracks, images, videos etc.) but you must include visual media in some form throughout the entire presentation.  You may have space for ‘visual silence’ or a blank screen, but it must be deliberate and intentional.  You will be graded on creativity, effectiveness of communicating theme, and how well you use visual media.  All video and images must be legally purchased/obtained or shown from company site with watermark.  Please include link for images in the project outline.

40% –  Journal & Outline

Please include:

  • A one or two paragraph overview of your theme and your goal/desire for this liturgy experience.
  • a detailed list of the liturgy elements, their time duration, and a brief comment with each element on why you chose to include it as well as the sources of videos and images.  (eg. links)   I want to see your intention and reason for each aspect that you included.
  • A record of the time you spent on this project (6-10 hours) along with the specific contributions you made.  (It’s a group project but I want to see what role you played.  No slackers please!)

10% – Duration:  Must be exactly 18-20 minutes.  The reality is that most churches work within specific time frames so plan ahead and keep yours on time.