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This is a more somber and reflective version of the hymn, ‘Were You There When they Crucified my Lord’.  This video would work well for a Good Friday service or Easter morning service.  You’ll notice I left out the last verse about rising from the grave to better capture the sense of darkness and despair the disciples would have felt.

Used For Good Friday or Tennebrae

We used this video in an evening tennebrae service of shadows where we slowly extinguished candles as the service progressed.  This video was played when the room had become almost completely dark and the only candle left was the Christ candle.  Having the room dark really helped to set the mood and allow people to enter into the darkness of the story and video.

Easter Morning

You could use this video for your Easter morning service as a way to introduce and setup the resurrection celebration.  Because the song is in Dm, the worship team could start playing as soon as the video is done, tastefully switch to the relative major key of F and start singing the last verse – “Were you there when he rose up from the grave!”  Ideally the whole band would slowly build and a crescendo – this combined with the shift from a somber minor key to the major key can work great for launching into some celebratory songs like ‘Happy Day’ or ‘He is Risen’ etc.

Were You There Chord Chart_Dm

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