The other day I was building mega-blocks with my boys.

By combining various pieces from different LEGO mega-blocks sets we were able to make quite the structure/building.  It had rooms and ramps for cars to drive up and in and park and ‘sleep’ and get gas and all that good stuff.  The boys  played there contentedly for what seemed like forever, at least 20 minutes, which is forever for toddlers.  I sat there, pleased with my creation and it dawned on me, nothing I had made or would ever make could compare to the beauty and functionality of this building.  I quickly started to think how I could preserve such a magnificent piece of plastic architecture.  I started to seriously consider getting out the Crazy Glue?

Ever wonder why LEGO set’s don’t include glue?

LEGO sets are not like model airplane sets.  LEGO is about creation, not preservation.  The best part about LEGO is having a bin full of pieces that can be a car one day and an airplane the next.  So when the boys finished playing, we took apart the structure, and every piece went back in the bin.  I looked at that bin of pieces and and laughed to myself,  I mean, how ridiculous for me to think a box of LEGO can only build one thing…

What does this have to do with worship?

Ever done something great at your church?  A great service, a moving drama, a song/video that knocked everyones socks off?  And after you were done that incredible Good Friday service, or Christmas Eve Play, or Thanksgiving Musical… did you think, let’s do this again next year?

Ever feel tempted to pull out the crazy glue?

I hope for my part I’m quick to put the pieces back in the box, I mean, How ridiculous to think a box of LEGO can only build one thing…