We recently did a worship/discussion night on the topic of thirst and living water.  Hopefully if your looking for some ideas on the topic of thirst, this will help spark some thoughts or give you some resources you can use.

The Big Idea:

In general, it’s hard to appreciate thirst and living water in a culture where we are never thirsty and have instant access to water.  In Jesus’ time, water was a lot harder to come by and thirst was an everyday reality.  One of my goals with this event was to try and appreciate what it means to be thirsty, to understand how that relates to spiritual thirst and then to appreciate the gift of Living Water offered by Jesus.  We ended the discussion with the simple invitation ‘Come… all who are thirsty, come!’


Shane Hipps from Mars Hill Church did a few sermons on this topic, one called ‘From the Belly’ and the other called ‘Stay Thirsty’.  These are great sermons with some really cool insights.  I believe they are available in the Mars Hill Podcast.


Download the PDF of our discussion questions for the night.

Woman at the Well:

A key passage is obviously the woman at the well.  National Geographic has a great video on women in Africa getting water which helps to put Jesus’ words into perspective.  Imagine one of these women in the video hearing they will never thirst again…

Video:  Click the Burden of Thirst at the right side.

Crackers & Water:

One creative idea we had for the worship time and discussion was to have everyone eat one or two crackers before the discussion time.  Our goal was to create a bit of thirst in their mouth while we discussed the concept of thirst.  After our discussion and talk, we invited people to come forward and pour themselves a glass of water.  This worked fairly well, I know personally it was pretty effective to drink the water as we sang.  I was surprised how the cold water amplified the worship experience as we sang songs about God quenching our thirst and hunger.


Here are a few videos on this topic:


We actually used Chris Rice’s song ‘Thirsty’ as a background to this video.


Casting Crowns has a song called ‘The Well’ – hear a preview here



Other song ideas – Hungry, All Who are Thirsty, Desert Song.


I love this poem by Cheyrl Laurie:

It is easy to be thirsty
when the water is everywhere when the world is covered with it when everywhere we look, God is.

But sometimes
it seems the water dries up

and when the cracks appear in the soil of our faith
we cover them over
with anything we can find, until even we forget

the thirst that lies underneath.

We no longer wait for rain
and the underground rivers are drying up…

Sometimes faith is having confidence that rain will fall again Sometimes it’s knowing where water is to be found
And sometimes it’s just having the courage to be here

cracked empty and arid

Download her PDF with more creative ideas and stations.