Advent – With a Missional Focus

One creative idea for your Christmas Advent series would be to use the typical themes of Love, Joy, Peace, and Hope – but frame them in a missional context.  So each week would involve a prayer or exploration of how the world needs Love, Joy, Peace, and Hope – and then the lighting of the candle could include a congregational reading or prayer that focuses on how we can focus this next week on bringing those elements to the people around us.

The focus each week of this advent would be on how we can intentionally participate in the mission of God to be part of bringing Love, Joy, Peace and Hope to this world.


It would be great each week to have a recap of the past week and have people in the congregation share about any specific ways or steps they took to  be missional in that specific way.  Ie.  “I brought hope to a family by providing some food for their cupboards…”



photo by Allison Choppick