God in A Box?

Mother’s Day Service 2011

Here’s what we’re doing for our Mother’s day Service this year. (2011)

We’re starting with opening song and video from the skit guys called the Mom Song.

Then we are actually changing to a theme about our perception and definition of God.

Our worship set works through some songs about the Holiness of God (God of Wonders, The Earth is Yours, Holy God)

Then we are performing a song by Addison Road called ‘What do I know of Holy’.  I love the line “I think I’ve made you too small, I’ve never feared you at all…”

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Right after this we go into the Hymn Holy, Holy, Holy. That wraps up the music set and next comes our message, which this week is done with video.


Our main video is the NOOMA video SHE.  Rob Bell talks about God being beyond gender and that just as God is like a Father, he is also like a Mother.

Our final video is  called ‘White Man’ by Michael Gungor.
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This video is great for de-constructing the ‘box’ we can often put God in… especially with lines like God is not a man, not even a white man… The video finishes with ‘God is Love, and he loves everyone’

Our closing song, which happens to be in the same key of ‘C’ is The Love of God. (I love when things work like that 🙂 We actually sang the chorus from the previous video “God is Love… God is Love… and he loves everyone” before we started The Love of God.

That’s our Mother’s Day sunday, it’s got a bit of stuff highlighting Mom’s, a little stuff reminding us God is a lot like a Mother some times, and a reminder/challenge to let God out of the box a little.

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