Complete Collection of Mother’s Day Videos

Here’s a collection of my top picks for Mother’s Day Videos to use in your church service.  If you are looking for other creative ideas for your Mother’s day service, check out this post.  Creative Mother’s Day Ideas

*New* – Mother’s Day Reflection

I’m Sorry, Mom

Journey Box Media – Buy Here


Skit Guys Studios – Buy Here

Here’s To The Mother’s

Journey Box Media (purchase)



Journey Box Media (purchase)


Mother’s Day Blessings

Floodgate Productions (purchase)

In Her Steps

Journey Box Media (purchase)

It’s Mother’s Day

Centerline New Media (purchase)

Just Like Me

Igniter Media (purchase)

 Happy Mothers Day (A Spoken Word)

By Mike Taber – @mike_taber

Happy Mother’s Day (A Spoken Word) from Highpoint Church on Vimeo.