I Remember – Easter Video

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I Remember…

This video is is a great fit for a time of communion or if you’d like to re-tell the Easter story.  There are two versions – one for Good Friday that ends with Jesus’ death and another that tells the story of the resurrection.

If your looking for a creative idea for your Easter service and you’d like to incorporate some video, this video will subtly and passionately help you remember the story of Easter.

Good Friday Version – Alternate Ending

This version ends with Jesus’ death on the cross, ideal for a Good Friday or Tenebrae service.

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Lyrics & Chords

I Remember © 2015 Dan Loewen

I Remember Lyrics & Chords PDF

I remember the branches laid, the songs of praise, Hosanna our God Saves
I remember the broken bread, the cup that bled, Forgiveness pouring out

I remember when he prayed not my will but thine
And by greedy kiss betrayed, then denied three times
I remember the longest night,
When heaven’s light slowly faded dim

oh oh oh such love
oh oh oh such grace

I remember, the chanting crowd, their voices loud, all shouting crucify
I remember his blood ran down, from thorny crown, all hail the king of Jews

I remember when the nails, pierced his hands and feet and his broken body pinned to that deadly tree
I remember his pain filled cries, his love filled eyes, Father please forgive

oh oh oh such love
oh oh oh such grace

I remember the soldiers scoffed, Oh Son of God, why can’t you save yourself?
I remember the darkened sky, forsaken cry,
oh God where are you now…

I remember when the ground, shook with reverent fear And the solemn thunder groaned for the world to hear I remember the weight of death, his final breath, Father it is done

oh oh oh such love oh oh oh such grace

I remember the hopeless grave, to death a slave,
laid behind the stone
I remember the words he said, though three days dead, once again he’d rise
I remember their surprise at the empty cave
and their feeble faith reprised when they saw his face
I remember she ran so fast, her joyful gasp,
Jesus is Alive

oh oh oh such joy oh oh oh such hope oh oh oh such love oh oh oh such grace

I remember… I remember… I remember…