As you approach this Christmas Eve service, I’d encourage you to try and include one simple element, Acapella Singing.  That’s right, tell the band to stop playing, back away from the mics and let the congregation’s voices carry the song.

At least once or twice, I’ve had the power go out entirely during a worship service, and inevitably, the congregation steps up, lifts up their voices and it becomes this profoundly powerful moment of worship.  It’s even something you can see at hockey games, when the singer of the national anthem points the mic at the crowd and the entire stadium starts singing.

For some reason, there is something special about singing and hearing others sing with you.  And you can unlock some of that ‘specialness’ this Christmas Eve with congregation by just having the band stop playing and singing a song or two acapella.

If you’re going to try this, make sure to use your mic to start off the verses, and then back off slowly so only congregation’s voices can be heard.  If you’re feeling brave, you can even try a wireless mic and leading a song or two from within the congregation with nobody on stage.