This is a mini-movie we created for the fourth week of advent – Love.

Were stubborn and selfish our hearts gone astray
Were plagued by the shadow within
Can beauty be found in the mire and the clay?
Would you come, would you come, once again

Come O Come Emmanuel

In the dark of our shame, in the shadows of sin
Can you see through this mess to the beauty within?


-This was probably one of the most difficult paintings we did in the whole series.  Our challenge was to find an earthy, organic symbol that helped people think of love.

-We refused to use a heart image

-The symbols we debated using were a tree deeply rooted, a flower growing, and the wind

-We settled on this image of gem stones or rubies.  The idea is that love has the ability to see beauty in the mess.

-The verses are in 5/4 time.


Download it Here