NBC teaches on creativity?

So the other day I watched an episode of Parks and Recreation called ‘Camping’.  If you haven’t seen it, take 23 minutes and go watch it here.  CityTV.  (The video has expired so I guess if you haven’t seen it you’re out of luck.)

One storyline in this episode is that Leslie has just finished pulling off the best harvest festival that the city of Pawnee has ever experienced.  Everyone is excited about it’s success the City of Pawnee can’t wait to hear about Leslie’s next great, incredible, idea…  (Sound like Easter to anyone?)  The only problem is that Leslie is stuck.  Turning to her co-workers for help, Leslie proceeds to plan a company camp-out in the hope of brainstorming ideas.  The campout doesn’t work, things go wrong, they end up in a run down bed and breakfast, and Leslie still doesn’t have any ideas.  She is stuck.  Really stuck.  Overwhelemed-by-a-blank-sheet-stuck.  (Sound familiar?)

Blank sheets can be a blessing or a curse can’t they?

Blank sheets can fill our mind with questions:

What if I never have another good idea?

What if I’ve maxed out my creativity?

What if my next idea is boring and awful and fails and no one likes it?

What if this blank sheet is still blank when the deadline comes?

Blank sheets can be a blessing or a curse can’t they?

Somedays, in the face of these questions and doubts, we simply need a bit of ‘Creative-Faith’.

Faith that the next idea is out there, it exists, somewhere, just waiting for us to discover it…