Petals of Peace

We explored Peace Sunday by focusing on four aspects of peace. Peace with God, Peace of Heart, Peace with Others, and and Peace on Earth. We did a typical worship set to start the morning then for the sermon part, we featured each section through special music.  Here are the slides and songs we used for each section.

Peace on Earth:

-U2’s song ‘Peace on Earth‘.  We used a few background images and put the lyrics up with Media Shout.


Peace of Heart

-It is Well with my Soul – what a powerful song!

Peace with God

Here we celebrated communion and sang a few songs like Before the Throne, and Amazing Grace.

Peace with Others

John Mayer’s song ‘Say’.  The chorus of this song repeats “Say what you need to say, Say what you need to say…”  Inspired by what Elevation Church had done, during the chorus part we put up some slides of common things people ‘need to say’… eg. I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, I’m proud of you… etc.  

Conclusion was the Prayer of St. Francis by Sarah McLaughlin.

At the end we invited people to come forward and light candles of peace, as a way of committing to be peace makers. As they walked up we played a classic Delirious song ‘There is a light’. The end result was a bunch of lit candles and a powerful statement about what it means for us to celebrate peace in our walk with God, with others, within ourselves and in our world.

One new song to consider for Peace Sunday is by Kevin Boese titled “May the Peace of Christ Go With You”.