Here are some videos and songs you can use to celebrate Pentecost Sunday in your worship service.



Come Thou Fount – works really well on Pentecost Sunday.  It uses the language of the Holy Spirit and the events of pentecost but frames it in a soulful honest prayer.  Here are a few creative arrangements of this song.

Benjamin Dunn & Friends – view in iTunes

David Crowder Band – listen and see chart

This one below is a really unique timing but is obviously a really creative arrangement of Come Thou Fount.

Consuming Fire – Tim Hughes – Listen on

Breathe – The Brilliance – Listen on iTunes

All My Fountains –Chris Tomlin – Listen on Worship Together


I found a few ideas on this blog – here’s a few favourites.

Flaming Rocks and Pentecost –

Reading – Mark J. Berry –


Waiting, WaitedFlame Breather, Life Teaser,
Sweet Essence, Hard Presence,
Pulsing Blood, Sweeping Flood
Storm Force, Water Source,
Deepest Kiss, Draining Bliss,
Motivator, Love Creator,
Hearts Gripped, Conventions Ripped,
Fire Poured, Winds Roar,

Whisper, Whisper,

Blown Upon, Blown Away,
Burning Up, Burning Out,

Baraka, Ruach, Shanti, Shalom,
Life Spirit, Holy Spirit, Spirit.

• Prayer

Kindle in us a love for the wild beauty of the creation of God.
Fan the flame of passion for community.
Heat us to white hot with yearning for culture to be transformed
And people to know the God who breathed life into them and the world they walk upon.
Spark in us a fire which rages with all consuming heat against injustice, oppression and evil.
Bright flame, for whom Aidan of Lindisfarne was named,
Passed on from generation to generation,
From winter to winter,
From day to day,
Set alight in us the love of the Christ who walks in the world,
Blow on us with the wind which filled the sails of the Perigrinati and spread the Gospel throughout the world.




A few years ago we hosted our AGM for our church on Pentecost Sunday.  Since we usually had an AGM later in spring – we decided to wait till Pentecost Sunday and then celebrated both the birth of the early church and the life of our church.  We used the Sunday morning as a place to show video highlights of our ministries in the past year and to pray that God’s Spirit would continue to guide and lead us in the coming year.