I’m often surprised how much TV air time is given to people talking about sports.  Hours and hours and hours of people sitting in comfortable chairs talking about how this athlete is struggling and this one is doing well, how this team should do _______ differently, the obvious reason a team has lost so many times, why this guy choked on that par putt…  These people are professional commentators.  (I’m curious what their business card says?)

Then I thought, why is it that the athletes in the games don’t start their own shows to comment first hand on things?  Can you imagine the star quarterback sitting in the studio minutes before he plays in the Super Bowl giving his commentary?  Might be high ratings but it would never happen.  The athletes are too focused on playing the game to spend time talking about the game.

So sometimes I wonder if sometimes in the Christian community we develop ‘Professional Commentators’?  With all the blogs about what this pastor said or didn’t say and what this church is doing and how this group is doing it wrong or what this book writer should do differently or what that guy meant when he said ___________….  Are we forgetting the game?  Is it just hours and hours and hours of commentary?

Of course the ones we are commenting about are busy focused on the game at hand.  Elbows deep in ministry, slogging through it the best they can.  Making mistakes.  Winning victories.  Running for all they are worth…

Maybe our goal should be to play the game more than we talk about the game.

(This post is kind of ironic since I’m doing the very thing I’m writing not to do so I’ll stop writing this ‘commentary blog’ and just get back to picking songs for this Sundays worship service. )