If you’re looking to hire a worship pastor or thinking of putting together a job description for a worship pastor, here are some thoughts I put together.

Worship Pastor Job Description

(aka Pastoral Artist)

Our church is hiring!  Here’s where we’re coming from and the role we’re looking to fill.

We believe that our church plays an active part in the Kingdom of Heaven coming on Earth, in the lives of members, and within the community.

We believe that the weekly gathering on Sunday morning plays a significant role in shaping our community towards Kingdom living both corporately and individually.  

We believe that spiritual, kingdom-minded-growth doesn’t typically happen ‘by accident’ but instead is the result of God’s spirit working through our intentional practices.  Much like physical fitness, our spiritual muscles are grown through the repetition of effective practices.

Which is why we often find ourselves singing and praying and studying scripture…

We believe that just like athletes need a wise trainer, our community needs to be pastored.  This means that we entrust, and even officially nominate, fellow Christians to lead us and guide us in the ways of Kingdom living.  Among many things, we hope they challenge us, encourage us, point out blind spots, strengthen our weak points, and teach us the practices and ‘soul-exercises’ that will lead to our continual growth and participation in the Kingdom of heaven coming to earth.

We of course call these people Pastors…

We believe there are some individuals who are tuned uniquely to create and celebrate beauty.  When these people practice, and devote their talents towards this goal, God is honored, not only in the faithful offering of their skills, but also in the fruit/product of their labour.   

We often call these people Artists…

We believe that there is a such a thing as a ‘Pastoral Artist’… a rare but potent combination.

We believe that God has provided us creativity, art, and beauty, not only because they are good and honor God by their sheer existence, but because when used properly, they can bring color, life, and vibrancy to the previously mentioned spiritual rituals in ways otherwise not possible.  

A song is the simplest example of this; where singing piercingly poetic words, with a beautiful melody, and a soaring accompaniment, can often impact our souls more profoundly than simply speaking the same words.

As it relates to pastoral work, we believe that the God’s spirit works in-spite of us.  Even in our failings, imperfections, vanities, misguided efforts, or even inadequate skills.  However, we do not use this as an ‘Free-Pass’ for laziness, mediocre efforts, lack of preparation, or as Malachi would say, bringing our ‘worst-sheep’ to the sacrifice.  

We believe excellence honors God, and that there are times where the excellence of the art is an important ingredient in it’s impact.  For example, a well rehearsed sermon ending or the thoughtfully crafted words of a prayer. If the quality of the art didn’t matter, we wouldn’t even bother with it… we know instinctively it matters.  It’s not the whole equation, but it’s definitely an important part. This means artistic skill, and the pursuit of excellence, creativity, and artistic growth is a key value for the Pastoral Artist.

Finally, we believe that being an effective Pastoral Artist takes work, time, and effort.  This makes it typically prohibitive to fill this role with volunteer time. A paid position for a Pastoral Artist allows for someone to spend time in preparation, planning, research, creative brainstorming, and the necessary administrative tasks involved with the weekly gatherings.  With the current resources at our disposal, we believe we have an opportunity to invest in the creation of this role of Pastoral Artist as a deliberate step towards seeing ‘more’ of the Kingdom of God coming on earth as it is in heaven, both in our individual lives and our community.