This video by Igniter Media is a great way to tell the Christmas story in a way our current culture can relate to.  A Social Network Christmas is a great clip you can use as a creative idea for your Christmas Services this year.

Mary on Facebook?

A few years ago (before this video was made) we had the same idea to show the Christmas story through Facebook.  We created Facebook characters of Mary, Joseph, John, and Elizabeth.  We then actually invited people in our church to be friends with them on Facebook so they could get their status updates.  We updated the Christmas story all through the month of December, in ‘quasi-realtime’ so that Jesus was born on the 25th.  Mary would write status updates like… ‘Travelling to bethlehem, this donkey is so uncomfortable!’ or ‘Wishes Joseph was more understanding’ – you get the idea.  Each Sunday the sermons were based on one of those 4 characters.

You can see Mary’s Profile here if your interested.