The Liturgist – Garden

I’m always on the look out for creative ideas for Easter services or new ways to explore the themes of Good Friday.  I was thrilled to hear about a new release from The Liturgists (A collaboration of artist including Gungor) for this Easter Season.  This liturgy titled ‘Garden’ takes the listener on a journey from Good Friday to Easter Morning.  Here’s how they describe the collection of songs and prayers from their site.

Garden is a liturgy designed around the movements of lament, doubt, and joy that happen as we move through Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday. Easter culminates in an ultimate expression of love, and Garden also includes a Centering Prayer exercise focused on God’s love.

Try repeating the Centering Prayer exercise several times per week for two weeks. Centering Prayer works well in group settings, and many find a time of discussion and reflection after the exercise beneficial.

Words and lyrics from Garden are available here.

Why It Moves Me…

I’m really impressed to see The Liturgists tackling the whole spectrum of emotions and themes that come with the Easter story.  To often we can be tempted to ignore any darkness or doubt and jump straight to the joyful emotions of Easter morning.  However, the story isn’t experienced in it’s completeness if we cut off certain sections.  It’s in the midst of the disciples struggle and confusion and doubt and despair that we see God come through… and I think that’s something we can all resonate with.

Have a listen and make sure to support them by purchasing a copy – Buy On iTunes 


Using this in your service

I’m curious to hear how you might use this in your church service.  I think you could easily frame an Easter morning around these elements and sprinkle in a few familiar songs in between a few of these sections.  I expect also that many churches will find value in individual elements of this liturgy and could certainly use a reading or song to complement their existing Easter or Good Friday service.