Here’s a song I wrote about church unity call “United”.  I wrote in during a time when two churches in our city decided to merge together and become one new church.  It was an exciting time and certainly encouraging to see a church merger in a world that is often filled with church splits.  The goal of the song was to find an anthem that the new congregation could sing together.

United – Chord Sheet – Key of E | Download the mp3 ‘United’


One God, One Lord

Jesus the savior

One hope for all humanity


One grace for all sins

We are forgiven

New life, for all eternity



One body, the church of Christ

One purpose unites our lives

To glorify, the one and only God



United we stand, many hearts as one

United we sing, let your kingdom come

Unite us to see, your will on earth be done

Unify our hearts and make us one