Creating Media for you Presentation

  1. Before you read further – please read this 8 page e-book by Seth Godin.  “Really Bad Powerpoint – and how to avoid it”
  2. If you skipped the first step – go back and spend 5 minutes reading the book – it’s really helpful.

Key points

  • Images address a different part of the brain and often spur emotional response.  You want to add an image that supports the information you are presenting.
  • The screen always wins, be careful what you put up there
  • People will read faster than you – long paragraphs aren’t ideal – I choose to accept this will happen for Bible verses or quotes.
  • Use great pictures – DON’T USE CLIPART

Finding & Using Images Online

Make sure you are using legal images for you sermon slides.  Google images often returns results that are protected stock photos that you should be paying for.

  • –
  • Flickr – just make sure you use advanced search and tick off the box “Images with a Creative Commons License”
  • Creation Swap –

Use images to create a visual setting for a story

Basketball story – show a basketball

“There’s a guy who takes a flight to Atlanta” – Use a plane picture

Sometimes it’s better to alude to a situation then show it.  Give them part of a scene and let them fill in the rest with their imagination.

Creating Announcement Slides

Another great use of visual media is for announcements to grab peoples attention and help communicate your upcoming church events.

Step 1 :  Find a picture that represents your event and has some empty space you can use for text.

Step 2 : Decide on a hierarchy of information – from most important to least.  Then make the most important info biggest/boldest… think of it like volume.

Example 1:  


This info just shouts at you all in the same level of ‘loudness’.

Example 2:

Awesome Christmas Event

December 20th – 7pm – All Ages Welcome

Some general announcement slide examples.