What’s Your Tomb? (Easter Idea)

I was listening to the song “Glorious Day” and was struck by the lyrics “It was my tomb… till I met you.”.  It made me ask the question, ‘what’s my tomb?’, what are the areas of death in my life, and what would it look like for me to experience Jesus inviting me to ‘Run outta that grave’?

For an Easter service, this could be used as a theme or even a sermon topic.

Ideally, with this Easter theme, you’d want to follow up the sermon with a time of reflection asking the congregation, ‘What’s your tomb?’ and then singing this song ‘Glorious Day’.  Another option is to add the song ‘Happy Day’ after the song ‘Glorious Day’.  This is a common Easter Classic and the bridge lends itself to a nice transition with the lyrics ‘Oh what a glorious day, what a glorious way, that you have saved me…’.